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Leave a gift that transforms children’s lives

A gift in your Will can keep on building a better world for the precious children who need you most.


Leaving a gift to Save the Children 

Children’s lives all around the world are impacted because of people like you. With a gift in your Will, your kindness and generosity live on and bring hope to life. It’s the expression of your values in the future knowing that you will leave a mark on the world. 

Including a gift in your Will is undoubtedly one of the most enduring gifts that you can possibly give. Once you take care of your family and loved ones, you can then help others in a way that honours your life’s values. We know it’s a very important decision and we want to make sure you have the right support along the way. Especially, so that you can continue to support a cause close to your heart. 

What your gift can do

Five-year-old Alice is named after the midwife who delivered her at a Save the Children medical centre. The medical centre was built by Save the Children in 2013, and it meant Alice’s mum could give birth safely, giving Alice the chance to make it to her 5th birthday. 

Our programs and services all over the world are only possible because of supporters like you. Your generosity enables us to provide safe and private spaces for families everywhere.

You help to create stories such as Alice’s - so let the gift in your Will help write the story. 


How to remember us in your Will

  1. Contact our Gift in Wills Manager, Martin Williams on 03 7002 1743, for a confidential discussion.
  2. Contact a solicitor to discuss your will in further detail including wording and wishes
  3. Create your will online with Safewill*
  4. Discuss wishes with those closest to you such as family and friends 

*Safewill is an online will writing platform that provides an easy option for Australians who don't have a legally binding Will to protect the people and organisations that mean the most to them. While making a Will online may not be for everyone, particularly those with complex estates, thousands more Australians have been able to write a legally binding Will within the comfort of their own home, in just a few clicks.

Suggested Wording

While a gift in your Will to Save the Children has a life-changing impact for children, it’s surprisingly easy to do. Once you’ve taken care of your family and loved ones, ask your solicitor or other qualified professional to use the wording that suits you best:

I give __________________ (insert from choices below) to Save the Children Australia, 33 Lincoln Square South, Carlton VIC 3053 ABN 99 008 610 035 to be used for its general purposes. The official receipt of the organisation shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my executors.

  1. The whole (or x%) of the residue of my estate
  2. The whole (or x%) of my estate
  3. The sum of $(amount) or
  4. Details of specific asset(s)

Please let Save the Children know about your generosity so we can thank you personally and properly. 

Download response form

Geoffrey’s Story

As a passionate supporter of Save the Children, Geoffrey saw the impact of Save the Children while visiting Laos where a program was set up to protect children. 

Wanting to continue to make a difference for the future, Geoffrey decided to leave a gift in his Will:

The reason I decided to leave a gift in my Will to Save the Children is because I want children to have a better world. The fact is there are always going to be children who need our care. Children who need help. Children who need protection. Children whose rights are being abused. Through the gift in my Will, I know I can keep helping these children. Helping leave children a better world is one of the proudest achievements of my life.

Geoffrey Court

Geoffrey Court, Former Head of People and Culture Salmat, Product Marketing Manager Ansett, planned a Gift in his Will to Save the Children

Information for solicitors and executors 

If you are the executor or legal representative of an estate in which a gift has been left to Save the Children, we would be grateful if you can assist us in the following ways: 

  1. Notify us of the gift as soon as possible so that we can amend our records to ensure that future communications are not sent out in the name of the supporter. 
  2. Please forward a copy of Will and probate and let us know of further information that you require from us to administer the gift. 
  3. If possible, let us know about the life and reasons behind the gift. We would appreciate the opportunity to sincerely thank family and loved ones as appropriate. 

Please forward all details or any queries about estate administration to our Gifts in Wills Manager, Martin Williams by making contact at or on 03 7002 1743. 

Request a guide form

If you would like to know more about how a gift in your Will to Save the Children will help future generations of children and help achieve our goal of making sure that no child, alone, at home or overseas, fears for their life  - request our Gifts in Wills guide now. 

Stay up to date on how Save the Children is creating a world where every child has a safe and happy childhood