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A little bit more about our teams

We’re proud of our large group of passionate and diverse staff committed to changing the lives of children.

Close to 1000 employees. Six departments. One purpose.

Within Save the Children, our teams work collectively to change the lives of children and families in need, in Australia and overseas. We are proud that our staff are made up of talented people from a great diversity of backgrounds and experiences; each and every one of us passionate and dedicated to go the extra mile. 

Australian services

Working in partnership with local communities, we provide life-changing services to children in the toughest areas throughout Australia with programs in over 200 remote, regional and urban sites across the country. Our programs – focusing on long-term development of early childhood education, family support and youth development – are innovative and create real change. The diverse nature of this work attracts people from professionally and culturally varied backgrounds, who are united in a shared vision and common goal. We value knowledge of community and culture, and offer interesting and varied opportunities to grow and develop your skills.

International programs

From Afghanistan to Vanuatu, our team is committed to, and passionate about, delivering high-quality programs to improve the lives of children. We work in partnership with local NGOs and governments to help children in challenging circumstances get better access to healthcare, education and increase safety and protection in their families, schools and communities. You can play an important role in the global community, influencing and shaping our program growth and enabling us to do more work for children around the world. Overseas travel and longer-term deployment opportunities are central to our team and provide you scope to build on your international development and humanitarian affairs skills.

Policy and public affairs

A 'close-knit team of passionate activists' is how we would describe our department. Our working culture is both collaborative and creative. Whether it is through media, campaigns, communications activities or private advocacy; together we ensure that Save the Children is unflinching in standing up for children’s rights. We negotiate with political leaders in Canberra, encourage supporters to campaign on social justice issues and share stories of how we work with children through media and communications. A dynamic and fast-paced environment, where your ideas are truly heard and you can create real change for children.

Supporter engagement

Our purpose is to mobilise people to support Save the Children’s work around the world. Across our six expert teams – Fundraising, Corporate Partnerships, Philanthropy, Retail, Marketing and Innovation, Data and Analytics, – we identify and build sustainable funding opportunities, deepen our engagement with partners and supporters, and seek out new partnerships to support our goal of building a better world for and with children.
Working with us offers an exciting, and collaborative environment that will challenge you strategically and creatively. We use data and analytics to inform our efforts, gather and create compelling content that motivates people to support us, and build a strong brand presence to connect with donors, and build long-term relationships between our supporters and programs.

Finance and support services

It's thanks to thousands of Australians that we can reach millions of children. But to truly make a difference, we need to support our staff and be accountable for how donations are used. Finance and Support Services play a critical role in establishing the processes that help our staff be effective in their work, while ensuring no money is wasted. We have five specialised teams that help make this happen. Business Services, Finance, Risk Support, Legal Services and IT. Working with us means you’ll be creating innovative systems that help us reach more children and change lives. You’ll be part of a diverse and talented team that offers development opportunities, and you’ll play a critical role in building a more financially sustainable organisation.

People and culture

Whether they are based in remote Kununurra, metropolitan Melbourne or the island cluster of Vanuatu; our team works in close partnership with employees and leaders to enable them to change the world for children. We do this by bringing together diverse skills and experience with a shared commitment and a great team spirit. We support each other in this fast-paced and dynamic environment. There is opportunity for you to be truly innovative and to bring your passion to work. This is the place where you will learn and be challenged and make a real difference to the lives of others.

Leading the change

Our Executives, who’ve all made their marks in large successful commercial, not-for-profit and government organisations prior to joining us, inspire and instill confidence. They, as well as our ambassadors, board and some of our experts, are introduced here.

Want to know more about the work we do? Check out who we are and what we do.

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