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Best charity to Donate for Yemen

Discover why we are the best charity to donate to for Yemen & the life-saving programs we run

Discover why we are among the best charities to donate to for Yemen and the life-saving programs we run. Donate today to help Yemen children. 

Yemen is experiencing the world’s largest humanitarian crisis. Yemen children and their families are suffering from malnutrition, disease and the effects of being in a war-torn country. Through our emergency response program, we have been delivering food, medicine and humanitarian support to the millions of innocent children and their families caught up in this crisis. Below, find out what makes us the best charity to donate to Yemen and how you can help today. 

Since 1919, Save The Children has grown to become a global organisation, working in 117 countries. Our global scale for international aid enables us to help millions of the world’s most vulnerable children and their families efficiently and effectively. This means your donation goes even further and we really couldn’t provide the support we do without the generous donations we receive. Here is why we are one of the best charities to donate to Yemen.

Why Save the Children Are Amongst The Best Charities To Donate To Yemen

In countries experiencing conflict, children are often the most affected. Utilising nearly 100 years of field experience, we are one of the best charities to donate to for Yemen. 

Our programs are designed to help protect innocent children and ensure their best chance of survival. We have teams on the ground treating children suffering from severe malnutrition and diseases such as cholera and diphtheria. We provide clean water, food, shelter, healthcare and protection support.   

What makes us one of the best charities to donate to Yemen includes:

  • We create long-lasting change for children, their communities and families by working in partnership with other NGO’s, local communities, advocacy groups and all levels of government. 
  • We ensure 79 cents in every dollar you donate is invested to save children in Yemen and their families. 
  • We stay accountable to supporters, partners and children and strive to achieve measurable results.

Help Us Protect Yemen Children

With the Yemen conflict showing no signs of slowing down, we need your support. The best place to donate for Yemen is via our online donation form

You can make a once-off donation or become a monthly giver. Your donation goes directly to children and their families who need it the most.

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