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Charitable Social Services Organisations

Help give vulnerable children the opportunity for wellbeing and healthy development. Make a donation today to support our Children’s Wellbeing Initiative.

The Children’s Wellbeing Initiative is a collaboration of social services charity support and services in East Gippsland, Victoria run by Save The Children. Below, find out how charitable social service organisations have come together to provide more effective services and support through community collaboration for children and their families. 

Save The Children has been helping children and their families for over 100 years. We work in 117 countries, have measures in place to ensure we are always accountable with 79% of donations going directly towards program expenditure. Here is how charitable social service organisations provide support to vulnerable children through the Children’s Wellbeing Initiative

Charitable Social Service Organisations And The Children’s Wellbeing Initiative

Through the Children’s Wellbeing initiative, charitable and social service organisations work to provide better healthcare in the area, protection for children in high-risk situations and focus on improving early childhood education. 

We help to educate those in the community about how to identify, respond to and prevent family violence and provide more awareness around substance abuse. 

The initiative focuses on five key areas of wellbeing indicators for children: 

  1. Social and emotional development
  2. Family violence prevention
  3. Children with additional needs
  4. Substance abuse prevention
  5. Access to services

Working together as a community creates a more integrated and inclusive landscape, enabling charitable social service organisations to work cohesively and more effectively respond to those in need. 

Support Charitable Social Service Organisations Today

Your support helps us to deliver this important initiative that makes such a positive difference with real, measurable outcomes for children and their families. 

Make a once-off donation today or become a monthly giver because every child deserves to attain their right to survival, protection, development and participation. 

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