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Charitable trust fund 

Set up a charitable trust fund in your will to help future generations of children get a healthy start to life. Regardless of the size of the donation, you can make a lasting difference.

Set up a charitable trust fund

When you leave a gift in your will to a charitable trust– no matter what size – you will bring about lasting and meaningful change to children's lives. It's thanks to generous supporters who set up a bequest or charity fund that Save the Children can help millions of children in countries all around the world every year. A charitable trust in Australia creates long-term change for children's lives in our four key areas: education, health and nutrition, child protection and humanitarian response. Setting up funds in a charitable trust act scenario means you will actively help create a world where children are healthy, safe, have the opportunity to learn and, if disaster strikes, children's lives are saved.

A charity fund for Save the Children allows us to make sure children’s unique needs are met, their voices are heard, and lasting results are delivered to children to help them transform their lives – and the future we share.

Donate to future generations

No matter where you are in life, setting up a bequest or charitable trust in Australia for Save the Children can be one of the most fulfilling decisions of your life. Learn more today.

Stay up to date on how Save the Children is creating a world where every child has a safe and happy childhood