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Charities helping disadvantaged youth

Help us empower young people by supporting our programs. See how we make a difference as one of the best charities helping disadvantaged youth in Australia.

Young people in Australia are our future, so if they’re experiencing disadvantages they need our help. A good way to ensure this happens is to support charities for disadvantaged youth.

Save the Children Australia are focused on the care and protection of children in Australia and around the world. Our aid and development programs put children first and are renowned for helping disadvantaged youth. We believe young Australians can make the world a better place and so we are committed to ensuring youth rights are recognised and respected.

How We Are Helping Disadvantaged Youth

One of the ways Save the Children Australia is helping disadvantaged youth is through our Mobile Education Program. Assisting young people through the transition from the juvenile justice system and back into school, we work closely with girls and boys aged 12 to 18.

We believe one of the best ways to help abused, neglected & disadvantaged youth is for young people to have a specialist educator who can design and implement individual plans. Using a van as a mobile classroom, students are able to learn outside and informal settings which is particularly effective for those who struggle in traditional classrooms. Read the programs statistics to see how we’re making a difference.

How You Can Help Disadvantaged Youth Programs

Save the Children Australia also funds the Hands on Learning program aimed at students between the ages of 9 years and 14 years of age. In 2014, a study by Deloitte Access Economics revealed a $12 return for every dollar invested into Hand on Learning. 

Your regular monthly donation can help us to keep this program funded!

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