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Charity Donation Gifts

Change the lives of children with a charity donation gift in your will. Or purchase gifts for your children while also making a donation to charity - shop online.

Share the spirit of generosity and making a life-changing gift by donating to charity. You can make lasting changes to children’s lives in Australia and around the world by leaving donation gifts in your Will to Save the Children Australia. Making a charitable bequest to us will help us provide life-saving emergency aid and programs that include child protection, education, health and nutrition. 

How Donation Gifts in Your Will Can Help

No matter what stage of life you’re at, you can leave a donation gift to Save the Children. Your bequest will help us:

  • Save children’s lives by providing them with access to safe and clean water, nutritious food and healthcare.
  • Provide a safe environment for children who are at risk of exploitation or abuse. We are dedicated to protecting children from harm. 
  • Giving children the education they deserve, so they can reach their full potential and build themselves a positive future. 
  • In emergencies, natural disasters and conflicts to protect children and give them support to rebuild their lives. We also help them recover from their traumatic experiences.

Find out more about donation gifts in our Gifts in Wills guide

The Best Charity Gift Ideas

In the age of consumerism, most of us have everything we could possibly want. Charity donation gifts aren’t just meaningful or inspiring, they create positive change. Our charity donation gifts Little Helpers represent a way we can assist disadvantaged children in Australia and around the world. They include:

  • $10 chooks
  • $20 peanut paste
  • $40 new baby kit
  • $50 health essentials pack

We also have donation gift ideas for children that include Save the Children bear, plasticine kits, craft kits and cooking books.

A charity donation in lieu of Christmas gift is an ideal way to share the spirit of generosity with a life-changing charity gift. By buying a regular monthly donation you can help save children from neglect, give them a quality education, ensure they have access to clean water and essential food and provide them with essential healthcare. We make it easy to donate to charity instead of a birthday gift. Explore our online shop.

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