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Charity fundraising

Charity fundraising

Our charity fundraising includes a wide range of activities. Inspirational and adventure seeking fundraisers have crossed thousands of kilometres through land and sea on massive treks, others have helped on individual or family levels by celebrating a birthday, wedding or anniversary.

Teachers, students and parents have helped our charity fundraising in schools. Many of those seeking charity fundraising ideas have started with our Book of Bright Ideas.

One of your most fulfilling charity fundraising ideas might be to help Save the Children.

We use our funds to save children in Australia and globally from earthquakes, cyclones, conflict and disease. We also help them with education, a healthy start in life and the chance to go further than they ever dreamed possible.

Of every $1 raised for Save the Children, 73 cents benefits children through our health, education, child protection and humanitarian response programs, and through increasing public awareness of international aid and development issues.

To learn more visit our FAQs page, or simply donate today.

Stay up to date on how Save the Children is creating a world where every child has a safe and happy childhood