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Charity Organisations Australia

See why we’re at the top of the list for charity organisations in Australia that make a difference. Donate to our aid programs by becoming a monthly giver.

Save the Children has been a leading charity organisation in Australia for over 60 years. We operate child protection and education programs in remote, regional and urban areas throughout Australia. All charity organisations Australian programs should be designed to improve the life of children and their families, as ours include:

  • Early learning programs for newly arrived immigrants and refugee children so they settle into Australia
  • Transition programs out of youth detention
  • Early childhood care and development programs
  • Programs to improve access to school for disadvantaged children
  • Youth engagement programs for young people who are at risk.

Top of the Charity Organisations List in Australia

Even though Australia is considered to be a wealthy country with education, economic and health advantages, not everyone experiences this. Our work in Australia helps more than 17% of Australian children who are falling below the poverty line. We are there to help provide a quality education and essential healthcare to children and their families who can’t access them. 

With an over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children living in institutional care and the juvenile justice system, our programs help support these marginalised people that include the Stolen Generation.

By partnering with young people, their families and communities, we create new and safe pathways for young people to fulfill their potential. From staying in school or transitioning successfully out of juvenile protection. All our programs are designed to support Australians who haven’t had the upbringing or opportunities others have.

Donate to Education Programs Making a Difference

Our commitment to education programs works across 5 key areas:

  • Early Child Care and Development
  • Basic Education
  • School Health and Nutrition
  • Education Research
  • Education in Emergencies

Our charity organisations in Australia include charity organisations in Sydney and charity organisations in Perth. A regular monthly donation is a simple way to help support our programs and aid programs. A small regular donation every month can help us make sure no child is alone and fears for their life in Australia or overseas.

Want to find out more about Save the Children Australia? Read our FAQ’s.

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