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Children donation charity

Learn about our children donation charity and programs that shelter, feed & care for children around the world. Make a one-off or regular donation today. 

With images of children and their families affected by war, famine, natural disasters or social disadvantage in our media on most days, you may be wondering how to help out. For nearly 100 years, Save the Children has been delivering lifesaving aid and development programs in Australia and around the world. As a children donation charity, we work in partnership with all levels of government, other NGO’s and local communities. 

Our children donation work focuses on evidence-based programs that provide healthcare, clean and safe water and education. We also focus on education programs that are designed to help children break free from the cycle of poverty and get a good quality education. 

How To Donate To Children’s Charity

Your children donation to a charity should take into account the accountability, social impact, transparency and track record of the charity. A regular monthly donation helps us ensure no child is alone at home or overseas or fears for their life. We are world-renowned for being transparent and accountable about how your hard-earned donations are spent. For every 1 dollar raised, 73 cents go directly into our programs. The remaining 27 cents goes towards administration, fundraising, and commercial activity (like our op shops). All our activities are conducted ethically and legally in line with our very high standards of integrity. Our latest annual report demonstrates why we’re one of the best charities to give to. 

Charity Gifts For Children

A charity gift for kids will not only make their day extra special but help their family and community. Our Little Helpers gifts are a practical way to assist disadvantaged children in Australia and around the world. From $10 chooks and $20 peanut paste to a $40 new baby kit or $50 health essentials pack. This charitable gift helps support our emergency relief work and long-term projects. We also have a wide range of charitable gifts for kids at our online shop include books, DVD’s, branded merchandise and toys. 

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Stay up to date on how Save the Children is creating a world where every child has a safe and happy childhood