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Children’s education charities in Australia 

We are one of the oldest charities in Australia giving children a brighter future. Learn more about our education programs & donate today.

When you donate to a chairty that supports education, you are giving the gift of learning and the hope of a brighter future. As one of the oldest charities in Australia, Save the Children education programs reach children worldwide who would otherwise be prevented from reaching their full potential. 

Our Global Education team works across 5 areas:

  • Early Child Care and Development
  • Basic Education
  • School Health and Nutrition
  • Education Research
  • Education in Emergencies

Education charities that focus on children

Your single donation or monthly donation helps children learn so they can be free and live the life they deserve. For nearly 100 years our global education programs have reached millions of children worldwide and given them the opportunity to learn. 

Learn about our programs

Read more about our education programs and discover how a modest donation can give a child a positive future.

Stay up to date on how Save the Children is creating a world where every child has a safe and happy childhood