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Clean Drinking Water Charity

Help us to provide clean drinking water to children and their families. Support our programs and see the difference you can make by donating today.

Clean drinking water is essential for survival and preventing spreadable diseases, but there are many people in this world who do not have access to water that is safe to drink. Below, is how as a water charity, we help to ensure children and their families around the world have access to the essentials, including clean water, that they need to survive and thrive.

Save The Children has been championing the right of children for over 100 years. We believe every child has the right to survival, protection, development and participation. We provide emergency response in crises and programs that help to protect children and give them the best opportunity in life. Here is how we help those most vulnerable in a crisis as one of the world’s charities that provide clean water.

Providing Clean Water To Those In Need

Currently, we have a number of teams on the ground in countries around the world helping children and their families affected by crises. Conflict, drought, environmental disasters, poverty…  in any of these situations, innocent children are highly at risk. In Yemen, tens of millions of people do not have access to safe drinking water, and the poor conditions mean the disease is rife. And without adequate healthcare that is common in these types of crises, the spread of disease can cause widespread suffering and death.

Our teams work to provide life-saving essentials such as food, healthcare, shelter and services such as education & protection support for children. We also work hard to ensure access to clean water as, without clean water, deadly diseases such as cholera spread quickly. Charities that provide clean water work to provide immediate access to clean water (including to hard to reach areas), but also help to repair or provide water supplies. As a clean drinking water charity, we have trucked in water to those in dire need, we have constructed large water access points and rebuilt public rainwater harvesting systems. 

The Difference Donations Can Make

To do this, we rely heavily on donations. As a global organisation, we have measures in place that ensure we use resources effectively so that donations help as many children and their families as possible. 
Below are examples of the difference a donation can make: 

  • $65 can give 2 families access to safe drinking water with a clean water kit
  • $80 could buy 50 x 10-litre collapsible jerry cans, vital for transporting clean water and preventing the spread of disease
  • $125 can help install drilled wells and new water pumps in remote communities
  • $230 can give families access to a tanker truck filled with disease-free drinking water
  • $450 can give schoolchildren access to safe drinking water and hand-washing stations

Support Charities That Provide Clean Water Today

To help us provide clean drinking water to children and their families in desperate need, you can donate to our clean drinking water charity initiative Just add water.

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Just add water

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