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Domestic Violence Accommodation with Support Services

Help provide emergency domestic violence accommodation (with support services) for Queensland women and children. Donate today to support our programs.

Often, victims of domestic violence in particular mothers with children struggle with leaving because they’re worried they will have nowhere to go. This is why having domestic violence accommodation available is so important to helping victims take that first step to remove themselves, and their children from unsafe environments. Below is information on the domestic violence emergency accommodation we offer to provide safety and support for women & children escaping domestic violence.

Save The Children has been helping vulnerable children around the globe for over 100 years. Through our global reach, we can reach millions of children in need and work in 117 countries. 79% of donations goes directly towards program expenditure and we have policies in place to ensure our ongoing accountability. Here is how we provide support for vulnerable women and children through our domestic violence emergency accommodation

Emergency Accommodation For Domestic Violence

We provide domestic violence emergency accommodation in Queensland providing safe, warm and welcoming unit-style accommodation for women and children that can also accommodate pets. To ensure the safety and peace of mind of those who stay in our refuges, they are based in confidential locations.

Our emergency accommodation for domestic violence also offers specialised support services through family and child support specialists who work with families to provide the following:

  • Housing assistance

  • Help to strengthen and support family relationships

  • Parenting and child development support

  • Individual support plans catered to each member of the family

  • Emotional and practical support

  • Guidance and advice on safety and wellbeing

  • Education and employment support

  • Legal assistance

  • Advocacy with other services

Help Us To Provide Domestic Violence Emergency Accommodation

To help us to provide emergency accommodation for domestic violence victims you can make a single donation or become a monthly giver. Donations are critical for the work we do and we could not provide this service without the generosity of so many Australians across the country.

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