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Starvation in Africa

An estimated 1.4 million children are at risk of starvation in Africa but with your support we can provide life-saving aid.

With over 1.4 million African children at risk of starvation and the COVID-19 pandemic hampering access to vital medical supplies and food, African children charities need your help. Save the Children has been working to improve the lives of African children since 1963. Our emergency response and aid programs provide clean drinking water, therapeutic food and medical treatments to children and their families in South Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria and Yemen. 

Charity Organisations in Africa

As a world-renowned African charity, Save the Children has been on the ground for over 60 years in Africa. Our African charity work focuses on reducing the underlying causes of poverty, improving food security and access to basic health services. But research from our 2020 Global Childhood Report indicates that Sub-Saharan Africa is still home to the 10 worst countries for children. If found, “children in these countries are the least likely to fully experience childhood, a time that should be dedicated to emotional, social and physical development, as well as play. In these and many other countries around the world, children are robbed of significant portions of their childhoods.”

Save the Children African charity programs are evidence-based programs that draw on nearly 100 years of field experience. We deliver aid where it’s most needed and work with other NGOs and charities working in Africa as well as local communities, advocacy groups and all levels of government. 

How To Donate To African Child

As one of the organisations that help the poor in Africa, our Child Hunger Crisis Appeal needs your help. A regular monthly donation can have a profound effect on children in Africa:

  • $62 can help a child recover from severe acute malnutrition
  • $147 can effectively treat 10,000 people with malaria for 3 months
  • $294 can ensure one severely malnourished child can travel to a health centre for specialised treatment
  • $500 can provide life-saving medicine, food and treatment for 5 severely malnourished children for 1 month.

When you donate to our African charity program, you get peace of mind that 73 cents in every dollar you donate goes towards saving children and their families. We stay accountable to our supporters, partners and children and work hard to achieve measurable short term and long term results. If you believe every child deserves a bright future, donate today to end Africa starvation.

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