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Donate to Rohingya crisis

Learn about the Rohingya crisis and how our aid programs are assisting vulnerable children & families.

Imagine being forced out of your home and being stateless while being the target of violence, discrimination and conflict. Ongoing since 2012, the Rohingya crisis has resulted in over 900,000 Rohingya people, over half of which are children, fleeing to Bangladesh. As one of the fastest-growing humanitarian crises in the world, the Rohingya crisis needs your help. 

How We Help Rohingya Crisis Children

Once the Rohingya children and their families have escaped from the Rakhine State Myanmar to Cox’s Bazar Bangladesh, our aid and development programs provide shelter, access to lifesaving healthcare, and clean water and food. Our Rohingya crisis donate programs also focus on giving children a safe space and 24-hour protection. We also help children who have witnessed or experienced horrific violence and conflict. 

With harrowing stories from children and their families, the after-effects of the Rohingya crisis will last for years. Since 2012, we’ve been on the ground in Cox’s Bazar providing vital services to children and their families, but in a short space of time, the need for our help has tripled.

Our Rohingya Crisis Donation Appeal

When you donate to our Rohingya aid and development programs, you get peace of mind that we make every dollar count. With over 100 years of field experience, we strive to provide the best possible programs that deliver positive outcomes for children at the lowest possible cost.

We invest 73 cents of your hard-earned dollar, directly towards our aid and development programs that benefit children and their families in Rohingya. From health and education to humanitarian response programs and child protection.

A small, regular monthly donation to our Rohingya appeal can make a big difference:
●    $35 can provide one family with emergency shelter
●    $67 can provide hygiene kits to four families that help prevent the spread of disease
●    $153 can provide a family of four with a food basket for three months
●    $360 can provide emergency shelter kits to 12 families.

With increasing numbers of Rohingya people fleeing Myanmar to Bangladesh, the camps at Cox’s Bazar are becoming overcrowded and squalid. Our teams on the ground are working hard to repair latrines and shelters while providing food, water and healthcare to children and their families, but we need your help. A regular monthly donation can make a large impact. Learn more about how you can help Rohingya children and their families.

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