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Donations for kids

We help children around the world. With donations for kids organisations, know that your support is making a difference. See the difference you can make.

As an organisation that accepts donations for kids, Save the Children has been delivering lifesaving aid and development programs for over 100 years in Australia and around the world. As a kids’ organisation, our not for profit work is provided in partnership with other NGOs, all levels of government and local communities. We rely on your donation for kids to provide life-changing support to millions of children and their families. 

A regular monthly tax-deductible donation for kids helps us deliver evidence-based programs that provide healthcare, clean and safe water and education. Your donation also helps us fund education programs that are designed to help children break free from the cycle of poverty and get a good quality education. 

Non-Profit Organisations For Kids

We have a world-renowned reputation as being a leading organisation that helps children. Our transparency and accountability ensures that for every 1 dollar raised, 73 cents go directly towards funding our programs. The remaining 27 cents is directed towards fundraising, administration, fundraising and commercial activity including our charity shops. We conduct all our activities ethically and legally in line with our very high standards of integrity. Read our latest annual report to see why we’re considered to be one of the best charities to give to. 

Working throughout Australia and in over 125 countries worldwide, we focus on providing child protection and family support to children who are:
●    Living in institutions
●    Neglected or abused
●    Migrants, refugees or trafficked children.

How Regular Donations Make a Positive Impact

A small regular monthly donation can start changing a child’s life by saving them from neglect, providing them with life-saving healthcare and ensuring they have clean water and nutritious food. Your regular monthly support can have the following positive impacts:
●    $20 can feed a malnourished child for 2 weeks
●    $30 can deliver full medical care to a malnourished child
●    $60 can give a child 3 months in a child-friendly space to recover from trauma
●    $80 can provide 4,800 people with safe and clean drinking water

Learn more about the work we are doing to support children in Australia and overseas. 

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Donations for kids

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