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Health charities Australia

Unlike traditional health charities in Australia, we run healthcare-based initiatives via a community-led approach. Find out more & donate online today

Save the Children run healthcare-based programs to help support the work of world health charities in tackling major health issues. Included in our emergency response programs, we focus on maternal and newborn health so that children & their families grow up healthy and with a bright future.

Help Us Support Healthy Australian Children

Many health charities in Australia support children with traditional medical health programs. While these health charities deliver life-saving services to children and their families, our work focuses on improving the wellbeing of children via a community-led approach.

Running a children’s wellbeing initiative in Australia, we are focused on improving the developmental health of children. By providing a loving, supportive and safe environment, we help children develop their emotional and cognitive health. The other areas of development include:
  • Social & emotional development
  • Family violence prevention
  • Children with additional needs
  • Substance abuse prevention
  • Access to necessary services and support

Donate to Our Healthcare Programs

We also support the activities of international health charities that are improving the healthcare of children. However, our international healthcare-based programs focus on maternal, newborn and reproductive health. Help us support children’s health in Australia & overseas by making a single or regular donation online today.

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