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Help Australian Children

Alone, at home or overseas, no child should fear for their life. Learn more about how you can help children by donating to our child protection programs.

Alone, at home or overseas, no child should fear for their life

A child’s home should be where they feel safest. But for many Australian children, home is the most dangerous place they can be. They live in constant fear. Fear of neglect. Fear of being belted again. And again. Fear of what may happen once they are tucked up in bed.

Every 16 minutes, an Australian child somewhere is subject to some form of neglect, or physical, emotional or sexual abuse.  This abuse is happening right here in our own homes, schools and backyards. Childhood is supposed to be carefree. But child abuse can make even the most innocent things terrifying. And the impact can last a lifetime.

No child should live with this fear. And you have the power help Australian Children.

Save the Children provides programs to protect and support children all over Australia. Wherever there’s a need, we’re there. From our Family Violence Refuges in Queensland to our supported play programs in Tasmania, our child protection programs are proven to make a difference; protecting families, stopping the cycle of abuse and giving children the chance to thrive.

Your generous cash donation can help us support Australian Children.   Where every 16 minutes an Australian child is subject to some form of child abuse. Your donation goes towards
  • $88 can help a child heal and recover from trauma, through therapeutic Safe Play with trained staff
  • $125 can help provide safe housing and counselling for a child who has experienced violence at home
  • $50 can give a vulnerable mum or dad the support they need to parent well and with confidence
  • $160 can help make refuges safe spaces for children so they’re not forgotten victims of violence

Stay up to date on how Save the Children is creating a world where every child has a safe and happy childhood