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URGENT: Children across the Horn of Africa are dying from hunger.


How To Help Tonga

With the crises of the volcanic eruption, flooding and COVID-19, many want to know how to help Tonga. Donate today to help those most vulnerable in Tonga.

With the devastating effects of the recent volcanic eruption, the flooding caused by the resulting tsunami then a COVID-19 outbreak, Tonga is in a state of crisis. Many people here in Australia witnessing this devastation want to know how to help Tonga, especially children who are the most vulnerable in any crisis. Below is info on how to support Tonga and the work we are doing to provide immediate lifesaving aid and ongoing support to help children and their families recover.

Save The Children has been championing children’s rights for over 100 years. All the work we do through our emergency response aid and programs is focused on our vision of a world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation. Through our global reach, we help millions of children in need in over 117 countries across the globe. Here is how we are helping children and their families affected by the crisis in Tonga and how to donate to Tonga

How To Support Tonga Through This Crisis

With volcanic ash polluting water and homes & infrastructure destroyed by the tsunami, our teams on the ground in Tonga moved in to provide immediate support & protection for children & their families. We also sent critical supplies to be distributed to those in need along with resources to help set up temporary classrooms for children to continue to learn.

We have also provided the following:

  • Providing Child-Friendly Spaces that give children a place to play, receive support and start to process what they’ve been through
  • ​Rolling out remote educational resources via TV & radio in collaboration with the Tongan Ministry of Education & Training and providing school bags & learning materials.

However, COVID-19 lockdowns that followed soon after made it extremely difficult to provide aid and children who witnessed the traumatic destruction of the tsunami then had to cope with the effects of COVID-19. The stress, anxiety, uncertainty and further disruption to their lives just added to the strain on their mental health and wellbeing.

Based on our experience, one of the best ways we know how to support Tonga is to focus on the well-being of the children affected by this crisis. We are providing ongoing support services to help children recover and programs/initiatives that give them a sense of normalcy & routine that can improve their psychosocial wellbeing. And, with children cared for, this makes it easier for families to sort out their homes & livelihoods.

It will take time for Tonga to rebuild and recover but with your support, our teams are there to help these vulnerable children and their families.

How To Donate To Tonga

How to support Tonga and the ongoing work we are doing there is by donating to our Children’s Emergency Fund. You can also become a monthly giver to help us make a real difference with the long term recovery efforts required to help those who have lost everything and are coping with the trauma of such devastation.

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