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How to help vulnerable children

Find out how to help vulnerable children in Australia & internationally by supporting our various programs.

Discover how to help vulnerable children by reading about the work that Save the Children do. With many charities and non profit organisations in Australia, you can donate with confidence to Save the Children. As we are a development and aid charity that is committed to protecting and helping vulnerable children in Australia and internationally. Our mission is to reach children experiencing humanitarian emergencies and protect them from abuse, neglect and exploitation, as well as other health, education & protection programs for vulnerable communities. 

How To Help Vulnerable Children

By working in partnership with all levels of government, other NGO’s, local communities and advocacy groups, our programs put children first. Your donation supports our programs with over 70% of all charity donations going directly to our project expenditure.

How To Help At Risk Youth

We deliver programs in Australia and internationally that help children and young people at risk. With a focus on education and health, we aim to support children & communities struck by disasters, war and climate change. Every donation you make helps make an impact. Learn more about our accountability.

Stay up to date on how Save the Children is creating a world where every child has a safe and happy childhood