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Is Save the Children a good charity? 

If you’re wondering if Save the Children are a good charity, read about our accountability, life-saving programs and impact

Save the Children Australia was founded in 1919 and is part of Save the Children International. Working in over 117 countries, our Australian organisation helps manage and implement programs for children in 21 countries and 197 locations around Australia.

Learn more about who we are, what is Save the Children and what we stand for. For nearly 100 years, our evidence-based programs and emergency responses have helped millions of children overseas and in Australia. 

What Does Save the Children Do?

If you’re wondering if Save the Children is a good charity? Our international programs operate in over 20 countries across Africa, the Pacific region, the Middle East, South-Central and South-East Asia. We also have far-reaching programs in Australia that help children in remote, urban and regional areas. Our high level of accountability means 73 cents out of every dollar donated goes directly to those in need. 

We sometimes get asked what is Save the Children’s mission? Our mission is to save children’s lives and believe every child has the right to a healthy, educated and safe future. To protect the rights of children, we’re guided by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Children. 

Is Save the Children a Good Charity?

Our FAQ’s will help you find out more about whether Save the Children is a good charity. 

Your one-off or regular monthly donation can help us make change a child’s life forever. Read our stories and find out how your donation can make a positive impact to a child’s life.

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