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Australian charities

As a local Australian charity, we support Australian children in reaching their full potential. Get involved in our local programs & see how you can help today.

Our Australian charities are dedicated to supporting children in all the states and territories of Australia to reach their full potential. Our vision is for all Australian children to have the capabilities, connections and confidence for success in their future – regardless of background, location or circumstances. Local charities like ours are ensuring that children and young people participate and are engaged in learning, that families provide positive, safe and supportive home environments, and that communities are strong, connected and safe for children and young people. 

Save the Children runs education and child protection programs in urban, regional and remote locations right around Australia. We are dedicated to supporting Australian children reach their full potential.

Learn more about our efforts on our Australia Programs page and see the different ways you can get involved.

Stay up to date on how Save the Children is creating a world where every child has a safe and happy childhood