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Local children’s charities

Save the Children run education and child protection programs in urban, regional and remote locations.

Save the Children is one of Australia’s local children’s charities. We run education and child protection programs in urban, regional and remote locations around Australia. We are dedicated to supporting Australian children to reach their full potential.

We work in partnership with young people and other local kids charities to ensure our programs are effective, targeted and evidence-based. We offer support to struggling parents and give their young children the stimulation they need for healthy development. We create new pathways for young people who are struggling to stay in school or are having difficulty transitioning out of the juvenile justice system. We protect mothers and children who are experiencing family or domestic violence in safe houses across Australia. And we care for pregnant or new mothers in supported accommodation, helping them to gain confidence in caring for their babies.

You can get actively involved to support local kids charities or simply make a donation today.

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