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Most efficient charities

Learn about the most efficient charities in Australia and which questions you should be asking before donating.

When deciding which charities to donate to, it’s recommended to learn which are the most efficient charities in Australia. The more efficient and accountable a non profit charity is, the more likely it is that your donation will go to where it’s most needed. 

Save the Children are considered one of the most efficient charities in Australia as over 70% of donations go directly to project expenditure.

How To Donate To The Most Efficient Charities Australia

When you’re considering the most efficient charities, to ask the following questions:

  • Is it easy to donate online? Securely donate online via credit card or Pay pal.
  • Does the charity have a good track record in Australia (and internationally) in delivering the programs they promise? Read about our programs in Australia & Internationally to see the difference we make.
  • Do the programs, disaster relief and aid development programs create long lasting change? Read about our emergency response programs & how they help communities rebuild
  • Does the charity have a high percentage that goes directly towards helping children, their families and communities? 71% of Save the Children donations go to project expenditure (helping children, families & communities)

Save the Children is part of a global network of 30 children’s charities. For over 100 years we have been supporting children and their families around the world. 

The Top 10 Most Efficient Charities Australia

We have a globally recognised reputation as one of the most efficient charities to donate. The impact of our work combined with our accountability and transparency is evident through our stories of success

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