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Op Shop in Northcote & North Melbourne 

Visit our op shop in Northcote, North Melbourne (Brunswick), or others in Victoria for bargains on high quality clothes, furniture & more.

It doesn’t matter if you’re on a tight budget or just love searching for a bargain, spending time in an op shop is a great way to save money while helping raise money for charity. 

Save the Children have an op shop in Northcote and a North Melbourne op shop (Brunswick) that have developed a reputation for stocking high quality, pre-loved clothes, furniture and bric a brac.

Other items you may discover in our op shop in Northcote, or any other location, includes:

  • Toys and children’s clothes
  • Preloved furniture including couches, tables, chairs and bookshelves
  • Cooking items including saucepans, baking dishes and cutlery

Donate to & Buy From Our Online Bookstore

If you’ve been decluttering or downsizing and have more books than you need, you can donate them to us. With over 5,000 titles in our online collection of recycled books, proceeds go towards funding our emergency response and aid programs

Explore Our Other Op Shops In Victoria

Staffed by our dedicated and friendly volunteers, our op shops have new stock being donated daily. If you’re not sure if your pre-loved items are suitable, we suggest you bring them into our stores during opening hours. 

Got some free time and want to volunteer with us? Read our volunteer stories before finding out how to volunteer here.

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