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Raise for money for charity

Find out how you can raise money for charity through Australia state-based fundraising events. Read how you can get involved & how to help children in need

If you’re passionate about giving children a positive future, you may be considering how to raise money for charity. Save the Children is an international charity organisation that creates positive change for children in Australia and throughout the world. Donations to Save the Children are used to implement and manage programs in partnership with all levels of government, local communities and other NGO’s (non-governmental organisation). 

The Best Way to Raise Funds for Charity

An effective way to raise money for charity and get involved with helping children is to organise or participate in fundraising. Every year thousands of Australians raise donations for charity to help give children a brighter future, from hosting a morning tea, running a marathon or holding a book sale. 

How Your Online Donation Helps Save Children

When you take the time and effort to raise money for charity it’s important you know where your donations go. With over 70% of charity donations going directly to project expenditure, you get peace of mind your donations will create long-lasting, positive change for families and children in need.

Stay up to date on how Save the Children is creating a world where every child has a safe and happy childhood