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Remote And Disadvantaged Childhood Care

We provide help to disadvantaged children and families in remote locations through our Early Childhood Care & Development programs. Donate online today.

When young children have the opportunity to learn, grow and develop in safe and supported environments this can have a significant impact on their ability to achieve a happy, healthy and well adult life. Below, find out how we help to give children the best start in life through Play2Learn - our remote and disadvantaged childhood care program.

For over 100 years Save The Children has been championing the rights of all children growing to become the world’s leading children’s charity. Through our global reach, we can help millions of children and their families in over 117 countries. Our work includes emergency response during disasters and education, health & child protection programs that promote long term change. Here is how we help children to reach their full potential in life through our remote childhood care and childhood care for disadvantaged

Remote Childhood Care And Childhood Care For Disadvantaged

Play2Learn is an Early Childhood Care & Development program that enables us to provide remote childhood care and childhood care for disadvantaged throughout Australia.

Play2Learn is a free playgroup facilitated by trained early childhood staff and is designed to:

  • Provide a space for children to learn how to play positively and socialise

  • Enable them to establish routine

  • Prepare children for school

  • Help develop cognitive, social and emotional health

  • Provide a friendly, non-judgmental environment for both parents and children

Our Intensive Supported Play2Learn program offers additional support through weekly home visits from family support workers who provide parenting advice and help to connect to local services. Support is designed to be culturally appropriate and caters to those who may also be experiencing language barriers.

Donate To Support Our Remote And Disadvantaged Childhood Care

Donations enable us to continue to provide remote childhood care and childhood care for the disadvantaged throughout Australia. To support our programs you can make a single donation or become a monthly giver.  79% of your donation goes directly towards program expenditure, making a real difference to children and their families in need.

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