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Supporting Special Needs Charities

Find out how you can support special needs charity organisations that make a positive change for children. Donate to our programs to make a difference.

Every single child deserves to have the opportunity for healthy development and wellbeing. 

If you are looking for a special needs charity, read about our programs below where we work with Special needs charity organisations to create positive change for all children. 

For over 100 years Save The Children has been providing support and protection for children in need. We work in 117 countries and use our global reach to help millions of children. We put measures in place to ensure we’re accountable and are dedicated to championing children’s rights. Here is how we take an approach that aims to support all children in need through our programs and special needs charity organisations

Special Needs Charity Organisations

We run a number of programs and initiatives in urban, regional and remote locations right around Australia for children, families and their communities. 

We work collaboratively in partnership with local communities, government, other NGO’s including special needs charity organisations and community & advocacy groups to create an integrated and inclusive network. This ensures all children, including those that are marginalised and often fall through the gaps get the support they need. 

Our aim is to ensure all Australian children regardless of their circumstances have the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential with a focus on the following: 

  • Ensuring children and young people participate and are engaged in learning
  • Families provide positive, safe and supportive home environments
  • Communities are strong, connected and safe for children and young people

Our partnerships with special needs charity organisations ensure programs are more effective and targeted. This enables us to better respond to the needs of those that require support and protection and see real, measurable results.

Find Special Needs Charities Near Me

Our programs are located all throughout Australia. Contact us if you would like to find out more about special needs charities near me. The best way to support our programs is to make a donation - you can make a once-off donation or become a monthly giver

79% of donations go directly to program expenditure and your support enables us to provide support to children and their families who need it most.  

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