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Syrian Conflict and Save the Children 

Learn about the Syrian conflict and how Save the Children are providing essential aid. Contribute to our programs with a once-off or regular donation.

Fighting first broke out in Syria in 2011 and is now classified as an ongoing civil war. As the Syrian conflict continues, Save the Children is on the ground responding with our aid and development programs

The conflict in Syria has affected millions of Syrian children and their families who have been forced to live in areas where basic infrastructure doesn’t exist. With estimates of over 5 million children trapped in Syria, your donation goes directly to providing them with much needed food, water, shelter, safety, health and education. 

How to Help Save The Children Syria

Our emergency response programs provide children and their families with food, clean drinking water, healthcare, warm clothing and education. 

The impact of the Syrian crisis on children is hard to grasp. From witnessing war and destruction, to being forced to leave their homes and seek refuge elsewhere, Syrian children and their families bear the invisible wounds of this conflict. 

Support our specialist teams helping children trapped in Syria with a once off or monthly donation. This helps us improve the lives of Syrian children who have known nothing else but conflict. 

How to Donate to Syrian Conflict

You can donate to Syrian children with regular or once-off donations. Our work in Syria provides children and their families with life-saving assistance including shelter, emergency healthcare, clean water, food and warm clothes. 

Stay up to date on how Save the Children is creating a world where every child has a safe and happy childhood