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Tax deductible donations

Help us support children in more than 117 countries by making tax deductible donations to Save the Children. You can claim tax on donations of $2 or more.

One of the most effective tax deductible donations you can make is one that helps Save the Children. We go to the toughest places to save children from earthquakes, cyclones, conflict and disease. Where children are being exploited, neglected or abused, we protect them from harm. 

There is a connection between donations, tax and helping these children: when you give $2 or more to Save the Children you can claim a tax donation deduction. We are one of 28 members of Save the Children International, a child-focused, independent and secular, development organisation, working in more than 117 countries. By giving to Save the Children, donations and taxes can be connected to helping children. Through donations, your tax can be reduced, and struggling children can be given an education, a healthy start in life and the chance to go further than they ever dreamed possible. We hope the claims you can make with donations and taxes will enable you to make a difference and inspire you to donate today.

Stay up to date on how Save the Children is creating a world where every child has a safe and happy childhood