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Ways You Can Volunteer With Children

Explore opportunities and ways you can volunteer with children while supporting our aid programs internationally.

When you’re considering the many ways you can volunteer your time and energy, it’s important that your values are aligned with the charity or organisation. Save the Children has over 2,850 volunteers who work in conjunction with our team of nearly 1,000 employees to deliver lifesaving emergency response and aid programs in Australia and overseas.

The Best Ways You Can Volunteer With Us

Our wide range of volunteer opportunities are available throughout Australia and include the following roles in our offices, op shops, programs and at our events:

  • Community-based early intervention programs
  • Retail assistants
  • Shift supervisors

Another way you can volunteer is to help us fundraise by organising your own event or joining our state events. From hosting a morning tea at work or home, to running a marathon. Every contribution you raise helps us fund our programs that positively change the lives of children in Australia and overseas.

Ways To Volunteer With Children

Our dedicated volunteers come from different backgrounds and range in age from 18 to 85 years old. You can read some volunteer stories here. Their tireless work helps us to achieve three major breakthroughs for children in Australia and overseas:

  1. That all children survive with no child dying from preventable causes before they turn 5 years old.
  2. That all children receive a basic quality education
  3. That all children are safe from violence, war, conflict and disease.

Explore the many ways to volunteer with kids.

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