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URGENT: Children across the Horn of Africa are dying from hunger.


Where does charity donation money go? 

Find out where your charity donation money goes and how we stay accountable for every dollar raised

Many Australians donate to charities, but have you ever wondered where does charity money go? 

Save the Children run programs that put children first and reach millions of people in Australia and around the world. Our high level of accountability means 73 cents out of every dollar donated goes towards our emergency response and crisis aid programs.

With nearly 100 years of experience, our crisis aid and emergency response teams are constantly on stand-by to respond with healthcare, clean water, food and shelter. 

Where Does Your Money Go When You Donate To Charity?

When you question where does donation money go? Our track record of accountability includes complying with the highest standards of integrity. All our activities meet our Child Protection Policy and Code of Conduct. 

Here’s an overview of where charity money goes when you donate to us. For every dollar raised:

  • 73 cents is invested to help children via our child protection and humanitarian response programs which include health and education.
  • 10 cents is spent raising the funds we urgently need to deliver our programs
  • 9 cents is spent on our systems, infrastructure and teams who deliver our programs
  • 8 cents is invested in activities including our retail stores and op shops.

Another consideration is where does children-in-need money go? When you donate to a charity be sure to review their transparency. Every year we issue an evaluation report that assesses our long term outcomes and impact our programs are having at local, national, regional and global levels.

How You Can Change a Life Forever?

Your one-off or monthly donation goes towards our frontline emergency responses and development programs. When you’re considering where does charity money go, you get peace of mind that 73 cents out of every dollar you donate to us will positively impact children in need. Make a donation today!

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