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URGENT: Children across the Horn of Africa are dying from hunger.


Who Is Helping Rohingya Refugees

Learn how Save The Children has been helping children and their families affected by the Rohingya crisis. Donate today to support our programs.

The escalation in violence in 2017 caused the Rohingya crisis, which was already a terrible situation to become much, much worse - hundreds of thousands of children & their families have been displaced, fleeing extreme violence, so who is helping Rohingya refugees? Below is information on the causes of the Rohingya crisis and what our teams on the ground are doing to help.

Save The Children has been helping the world’s most vulnerable children for over 100 years. Our belief that every child deserves the right to survival, protection, development and participation drives the work we do in over 117 countries. With our global reach, we help millions of children and their families through our emergency response initiatives and programs that focus on ensuring children have the best opportunity to thrive.

Right now, we have teams on the ground doing what they can to respond to the Rohingya crisis and helping some of the world’s most vulnerable children - here is what the causes of the Rohingya crisis are and what is being done to help the Rohingya.

Causes Of The Rohingya Crisis

The Rohingya are a minority Muslim community in Myanmar. In 1982, Myanmar passed a citizenship law denying Rohingya people nationality, effectively leaving them stateless. This was the root cause of the Rohingya crisis as since this law was passed, the Rohingya have been subject to continual violence and persecution in addition to being denied rights that Myanmar citizens are granted.

In 2017, in response to a series of attacks on Myanmar police and border guard posts by a group of armed Rohingya, Myanmar security forces then inflicted brutal violence against the whole Rohingya population, killing many including children. This resulted in hundreds of thousands of terrified Rohingya fleeing to Bangladesh.

Within weeks, nearly one million people, many of those children, had fled from Myanmar to Cox’s Bazaar, a refugee camp in Bangladesh. With this influx of people, Cox’s Bazaar has become the largest refugee camp in the world. With such large numbers life in this overcrowded camp is a constant struggle - there isn’t enough shelter, food, clean drinking water, healthcare and services including education for children.

And, with children making up over half of the camp’s population there is a constant risk of children being exploited, abused and trafficked.

What Is Being Done To Help The Rohingya?

We know it can be distressing to hear about what has happened to the Rohingya, especially these innocent children and people want to know what is being done to help the Rohingya. Many organisations are doing what they can to help.

We have had teams on the ground in Bangladesh since 1970 and we continue to provide as much aid and support as possible including:

  • Repairing latrines and shelters damaged by extreme weather conditions 
  • Providing safe spaces where children can play, learn and start the recovery process
  • Distributing shelter and hygiene kits to help prevent the disease from spreading
  • Setting up emergency clinics to provide life-saving healthcare
  • Providing 24-hour protection for children that have been separated from their families 
  • Working to reunite families

Donate To Help Those In Rohingya Today

Our teams are dedicated to providing aid and support in Bangladesh for as long as it’s required but we can’t do it without your support. To help support what is being done to help the Rohingya you can make a single donation today or become a monthly giver. Your donation makes a truly significant difference to these extremely vulnerable children and their families.

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