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In charge of their future

We believe that although children are vulnerable to climate change and disasters, they have the potential to act as agents of change. Children are capable of actively participating in the decision-making processes that will ultimately affect them, their families and the wider community.

Our climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction work

Save the Children integrate knowledge of climate change impacts and disaster risks into our programs wherever possible. This helps children and their communities better prepare for future disasters and the effects of climate change, and helps safeguard the outcomes of the projects we support.

In the Asia-Pacific region, we are working closely with governments to strengthen school safety policies and procedures during a disaster. Children spend so much of their time at school, we work to make sure facilities are safe and appropriate.

Globally, we are partnering with academics and the private sector to build an evidence base that underpins school safety programming.

Listening to children

Children need to be heard in local, national and global decision-making forums on disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation. And yet their voices are often overlooked.

Across the Asia-Pacific region, we’re building more resilient communities by supporting children, caregivers and their communities to anticipate, plan and adapt to climate change impacts. We are also working closely with local government officials to strengthen their understanding of climate change and support them to deliver projects that help communities adapt.

The impact of our child-centred approach can be seen in the Philippines, where we've been supporting children to run their own radio show on climate change and working in schools to involve children in adaptation.

In Bangladesh – one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change – our adaptation programs are centred on the experiences of children. We support children and their communities to adapt to the impacts of climate change and contribute to the solutions.

In Vanuatu, we’ve been teaching children, young people and communities about climate change, so they can understand what it means for them. We’ve supported them to design climate change adaptation solutions, and share this knowledge with their peers and their government.

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