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Saving children's lives

Our priority is ensuring all girls and boys grow up healthy. We strengthen healthcare systems around the world.

Better health for girls, boys, families and communities

For many children around the world, the difference between life and death comes down to access to basic healthcare. Yet healthcare is a fundamental right of children everywhere.

We want children to survive preventable diseases and malnutrition. We want all mothers and newborns to have proper care before, during and after birth. And we believe girls and women should have access to information on their reproductive rights and the dangers of early marriage.

We have developed a low-cost healthcare model which has successfully improved the health of children and families, and reduced mortality rates, in many countries around the world.

We invest in addressing how girls and women access healthcare and break down the barriers to health created because of their gender. We focus on the huge impact clean water and good sanitation can have on the health of a community.

Our health programs

Evidence informs our approach to improving health and building stronger care systems that help the hardest-to-reach children and their communities.

In Laos, our signature Primary Health Care model has been reaching children and mothers in remote communities for more than 25 years. Our current focus is on providing remote health centres with essential medical equipment, encouraging better nutrition and care practices within families, and supporting health workers and midwives through training and mentoring.

In Ethiopia, we've been working with local health providers to build better access to healthcare for mothers and young children, and reduce harmful practices like child marriage. In Papua New Guinea, we worked with at-risk communities to provide sexual and reproductive health information and connect individuals to vital health services.

Emergency Health Unit

Save the Children have a dedicated Emergency Health Unit for the Asia-Pacific Region. This has transformed the way we deliver frontline emergency healthcare and medical assistance to children and their families in a crisis.

Rabiou’s road to recovery

Since 2005, Save the Children has been working in Niger, providing support for malnourished children and pregnant women. Our teams are promoting good nutrition practices for children under five and we’ve trained more than 1000 community volunteers, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to run community outreach, malnutrition prevention and identification work.

 These programs are only possible because of supporters like you. And they are giving children like Rabiou a fighting chance to grow up healthy and strong.

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