• As Aussie kids prepare to head back to school, we look at some of the different classrooms from where we work around the world.

    With an education, a child’s world opens. It is the key to their future. But sadly, more than one hundred million children around the world are out of school, and it’s often the most marginalised and isolated children who miss out.

    Our education projects focus on quality education for children, particularly those in hard-to-reach places. We work with vulnerable children across the globe, including children caught in conflict, children affected by natural disasters and children in remote or isolated regions.

    Here are a few examples of the schools we are helping support.

    RS118161_Visually-impaired-11-lprPhotographer: Jonas Gratzer/Save the Children

    Central Malawi, Africa – Our Inclusive Education in Malawi Project focuses primarily on children with disabilities. Here, children who are blind or visually impaired study in the resource room at their primary school in central Malawi.

    RS123889_Mae-La-Camp-50-lprPhotographer: Egan Hwan/Save the Children

    Mae Sot, Thailand – Refugee children from Myanmar in class at Mae La Camp, Thailand. The main objective of this project is to prepare these children for assimilation back into the Burmese curriculum for when they eventually return home.

    RS128520_IMG_8664-lprPhotographer: Josiane El Khoury/Save the Children

    Port-au-Prince, Haiti – Children in class at the Paul Lucien Pricier school, Haiti. Children are gradually regaining their normal lives after the emotional stress and trauma inflicted by Cyclone Matthew.

    RS120887_Sammy-FirstRead-IMG_6503-lprPhotographer: Martin Kharumwa / Save the Children

    Gicumbi District, Rwanda – Sammy reads a children’s book written in Kinyarwanda in his classroom at his school in Byumba sector of Gicumbi District, Rwanda.

    RS121961_2-lprPhotographer: Ahmed Bayram/Save the Children

    Bekaa Valley, Lebanon – Syrian refugee children attend Early Childhood and Care Development classrooms, organised by the education team at Save the Children Lebanon.

    RS3549_SCA-Solomon-Islands-188-lprPhotographer: Robert McKechnie/Save the Children Australia

    Choiseul Province, Solomon Islands – Save the Children’s Early Childhood Development centre at Loemuni is preparing children from remote areas for their first years of school.

    RS636_SCA-Indonesia-ANCP-West-Timor-081-lprPhotographer: Robert McKechnie/Save the Children Australia

    Atambua, West Timor – Save the Children is supporting early childhood education by providing centres like Aisayah in West Timor with facilities, teacher training and parenting classes.

    RS504_SCA-India-041-lprPhotographer: Robert McKechnie/Save the Children Australia 

    Kolkata, India – The Multi Activity Centre provides a safe place for the children of families working at the brick kilns in Kolkata. It is the only place that many will receive any education, it also provides meals and health facilities.

    RS128788_IMG-20161118-WA0012-scrPhotographer: Save the Children 

    East Aleppo, Syria – Save the Children supports 13 schools in East Aleppo, eight of which are underground. There are approximately 94,000 school-aged children in the besieged city, but many public schools have been destroyed.

    RS971_SCA-Kununurra-Bequest-045-lprPhotographer: Robert McKechnie/Save the Children Australia 

    Kununurra, Western Australia – The Miriwoong Language Nest program functions as an environment in which young children are exposed to new language experiences. The program aims to keep the critically endangered Miriwoong language alive.

    *Heading Image: Photographer: Martin Kharumwa / Save the Children