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Our Life Patrons 

Our Life Patrons help support our work for children around the world. 

Our Life Patrons champion the cause of children and actively seek to raise awareness of the challenges that children face around the world. They generously give their collective time, networks and support to provide opportunities for all children. 

We are incredibly grateful for our Life Patrons’ commitment to advocating for the rights of children, raising vital funds and encouraging others in their community to support our work for children.

Their longstanding dedication to protecting children at home and overseas has transformed the lives of thousands of children. 

We are pleased to formally honour our Life Patrons below:

Anne Lourens
Barbara Beddoes
Beth Wood
Carol Randle
Catherine McCormick
Catherine Greenslade
Dorothy Linke
Dorothy Wasley
Eleanor Vass
Fay Winter
Gail Metcalfe
Geoffrey Court
Geoffrey Mildred
Grace Hilder
Helen Fallshaw
Jenny Farmer
Jenny Kennedy
Joan Clement
Joan Deed
Julie Nichles
June Bursill
Kathleen Owen
Kathleen Vines
Kay Hallahan AO
Lorraine Ramplin
Lucy Banks
Margaret Setchell
Margaret Webb
Margaret McKay
Marion Porteous
Marlena Jeffery
Patricia Edwards
Patricia Mildred
Paul Setchell
Rosslyn Pavy
Sheena Liley
Shirley Perry
Valerie Carland

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