Recent Publications

Emergency Report The psychological recovery of children fleeing the unrelenting Syrian crisis hangs in the balance according to our new report Childhood in the shadow of war.

Emergency Report We've made some incredible progress towards ending preventable child deaths. Read about our global achievements and what's next in the Everyone Global Campaign 2014 report.

Emergency ReportOur new report Don't Leave me Alone  has found there is much more planning when it comes to managing the needs of animals than children in emergencies.


The cost of some of the most basic foods in Syria has increased by 100 percent and children are at risk of malnutrition from food shortages. Read our new report Hunger in a War Zone .


Our recent report, Attacks on Education reviews the impact of conflict and grave violations on children's futures.


The Philippines is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world. Read our recent report outlining where we provided humanitarian aid.


Untold Atrocities is a deeply touching collection of stories from Syrian refugees. Many of these stories are first-hand accounts from children who've witnessed unspeakable atrocities in the Syrian civil war.


Our Superfood for Babies report estimates that 95 babies could be saved every hour if mothers breastfed in the 'power hour' after birth.


Read our new Identity on the Line report which seeks to identify the reasons behind, and understand the lived experience of, 'street-present' Aboriginal young people in the South East Corridor of Perth, Western Australia. 

2013_Worlds_Children_Magazine-300pxWorld's Children is our official supporter magazine. Our 2013 edition details the impact we're having in the Syria region, our Children of Uruzgan education program and the work we're doing with young people at risk in Tasmania.


World's Children is our official supporter magazine. Our 2012 edition features our reconciliation program, and our Adventure Volunteering trip - Trek Nepal.


Childhood Under Fire reveals the extent to which children have been directly targeted in the war in Syria, with one in three reporting having been hit, kicked or shot at.


Out in the Cold focuses on the desperate steps children who've fled to Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan - to escape conflict in Syria - are taking to survive increasingly bitter weather in the region.


Read our review of the humanitarian response to the 2011 Thailand and Cambodia floods.

    World's Children
is our official supporter magazine. In our Spring 2011 edition, we feature Hussein, a health worker at our Theraputic Centre in Kenya. We also explore why early childhood development is so important and make homage to our founder, Eglantyne Jebb, the woman who saved the children.


World's Children is our official supporter magazine. Our Winter 2011 edition features the amazing work of health workers in India, Laos and Cambodia. It also delves into the topic of children in immigration detention and how our supporters have helped the children of Japan following the devastating earthquake and tsunami.

Children's Rights Teacher's GuideChildren's Rights - A Teacher's Guide defines children's rights and gives the reader a number of handy tools regarding how education on children's rights can be introduced into the school curriculum.

Rights & ResponsibilitiesProduced by Save the Children and illustrated by Zachariah MacPherson, a 10 year old boy with huge talent, The Rights & Responsibilities of Children is based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Teacher's Support

Save the Children commissioned the Review: Teacher Support and Development Interventions research report on teacher support and development as part of a strategy to build professional and technical capacity through sharing knowledge at global, regional and country levels.

The Busy Teacher

The Busy Teacher's Guide to the World demonstrates just how easy it can be to incorporate teaching about the world into your everyday classroom practice.

The Future is NowLaunched in 2006, Save the Children's 'Rewrite the Future' campaign worked to deliver an education to children living in conflict and emergency affected areas. The Future is Now  resource lists the current acheivements of the campaign while stating what must happen next.


Positive discipline is an approach to parenting that teaches children and guides their behaviour, while respecting their rights to healthy development, protection from violence and participation in their learning.