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Africa Food and Hunger Crisis

Thousands of children are dying and disease is spreading as a result of the Africa food and hunger crisis. Help us provide much-needed aid by donating today.

The Africa food crisis is putting thousands of children’s lives in danger. Below, is how we are helping children and their families in Africa and how you can support our teams on the ground to save the lives of children and their families in desperate need.

Save The Children has been helping children across the globe for over 100 years. We provide aid and support to millions of children through emergency response support and programs focused on protecting children and giving them the best opportunity in life. Since early 2018, we have been working in South Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria and Yemen to combat the effects of the food shortage in Africa.

What has caused the African Hunger Crisis?

There are a number of complex factors that have caused multiple African hunger crises including the North Africa crisis, East Africa food crisis, West Africa hunger crisis and South Africa hunger crisis. Whilst causes vary between each country, three of the main causes are ongoing conflict, drought & climate impacts.

Effects of the Food Shortage In Africa

Food shortages and no access to clean drinking water are causing several serious problems. Hunger, malnutrition and disease are rife with many children also being born with health issues. Unsafe drinking water is spreading diseases such as cholera & malaria and where there is no water at all, children and their families are suffering from severe dehydration.

Our teams on the ground are helping to provide life-saving essentials, supplies and services including:

  • Food aid and safe drinking water to remote hard to reach areas

  • Sanitation to prevent the spread of disease

  • Healthcare and treatment through our Emergency Health Unit

  • Training health unit staff

Donate Today To Help Those Affected By The African Hunger Crisis

Donations enable us to continue to provide life-saving aid and support to African children and their families. To support our teams in Africa you can make a single donation today or become a monthly giver.  79% of your donation goes directly towards program expenditure, making a real difference to children and their families suffering from the severe effects of the food shortage in Africa.

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