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Anxiety Programs For Youth After Disasters

Support our anxiety programs for youth with a focus on immediate response and ongoing recovery after disasters. Make a donation to our programs today.

When young people experience trauma, research has shown that in addition to immediate response, ongoing support is crucial for their recovery to ensure the best opportunity for a happy & healthy life in their adult years. Below, find out about Journey of Hope, one of our anxiety programs for youth focused on helping children and young people cope, build resilience and strengthen relationships.

Save The Children has been helping children in need for over 100 years. We are the leading independent organisation for children and have grown to become a global movement, helping millions of the world’s most vulnerable children in 117 countries. Our vision is a world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation. 79% of donations go directly to program expenditure and we have initiatives in place to ensure our ongoing accountability. 

Here is how we provide support for young people through anxiety activities for youth.

Anxiety Activities For Youth Through Journey Of Hope

When children and young people are caught up in traumatic events, anxiety is one of the most common ongoing effects that children suffer from. To help mitigate the long-term impacts it is important to ensure they receive the right support so they can process what they’ve experienced.

Whilst we are there to provide immediate support when disaster strikes, we continue to work with young people through our Journey of Hope in-school recovery model to ensure they continue to get what they need once relief centres close.

We use experiential and reflective learning anxiety activities for youth designed around achieving the following outcomes:

  • Recognising and processing common emotions
  • Building confidence and self-esteem
  • Identifying stressors and triggers
  • Building the capacity to deal with these emotions
  • Developing natural resilience
  • Strengthening social support networks
  • Helping to reduce disruption to academic progress
  • Developing positive peer relationships
  • Reducing disruptive behaviours
  • Developing positive coping strategies
  • Promoting self-efficacy and problem solving
  • Instilling a sense of hope and empowering them to feel more in control over stressors

The program enables us to deliver specialist content through the anxiety activities for youth without putting pressure on educators who are already delivering the existing school curriculum. We aim to complement existing social-emotional supports being offered through the school and also offer a workshop for teachers, parents and caregivers.

Support Our Anxiety Programs For Youth And Make A Donation Today 

Donations are critical in enabling us to provide anxiety activities for youth through our programs. To support us in providing these programs you can make a single donation or become a monthly giver. 

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