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Best charities for children

Through our aid & development programs, we are one of the best charities for children around the world.

Before you choose a charity to donate to, it’s a good idea to research the impact the charity makes on children in need and what percentage of your donation goes to towards them. As one of the best charities for children, Save the Children Australia make every donation count and are accountable for using all resources efficiently. We achieve measurable results and are answerable to all supporters, partners, children and their families. 

Save the Children Australia are considered to be one of the best children’s charities. As part of a global network made up of 30 worldwide children’s charities, we help families and children around the world. 

Who are the Best Children’s Charities?

We encourage you to undertake your own research on the accountability of all children’s charities before donating. Save the Children Australia has been protecting children from violence and abuse and upholding their rights for nearly 100 years. We are dedicated to helping children globally (and in Australia) via our development and aid programs. Through these programs, we are committed to protecting children and their families from conflict, natural disasters and diseases. We also protect children from exploitation, neglect and abuse, and work closely with the community to ensure their families are supported and protected. 

Donate to one of the best charities for children.

Support the Top Rated Children’s Charities

We believe every child deserves a bright future. A regular donation of just $20 a month can buy 100 bottles of water purification solution that ensures 10,000 litres of water is clean and safe to drink. While a single donation of $20 can help us vaccinate 25 children against measles. Support our work with a one off or monthly donation as we are one of the top rated children’s charities in Australia and around the world. 

Through our aid and development programs, we are one of the best charities for children around the world. Learn more about our accountability & donate today!

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