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Best charities in Australia

Make a donation to one of the best charities in Australia being Save the Children. We are a registered charity that help children get a healthy start to life.

Save The Children is one of the best charities in Australia to donate to. Over 70% of donated funds go towards program expenditure and our work reaches millions of children in over 197 countries, making us one of the most effective charities in Australia. Below is information on why we are one of the best charities to donate to in Australia. 

Save the Children was founded in 1919 in England and has grown into a global movement - In 2019 we directly reached 38.7 million of the world’s most vulnerable children in 117 countries. If you are looking for one of the best charities to give to, read on to find out why you should donate to us:

Why We Are One Of The Most Effective Charities in Australia

Our vision is that every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation. 
What makes us one of the most popular charities in Australia to donate to is: 

  • We have over 100 years of experience and are the world’s leading independent organisation for children
  • We believe children deserve an education, a healthy start and the chance to go as far as they can in life
  • We go to the toughest places and are at the forefront of saving children’s lives when disasters strike
  • We protect children from exploitation, neglect and abuse
  • We focus on creating lasting change for children and their families 

We are also one of the best charities to donate to in Australia because of the different ways we help children around the world. We provide emergency response assistance where we help to provide life-saving immediate essentials including food, clean water, healthcare and shelter and initiatives that provide support long-term needs such as education and counselling. We also have several programs aimed at creating positive change for children, families and their communities. These are implemented globally in partnership with communities, all levels of government, other NGOs, community & advocacy groups, corporate organisations and individual donors. 

Accountability of the Best Charities

Popular charities in Australia are often those that help children because children are among the most vulnerable in our society. The best charities to give to are also those that ensure they are accountable. We have several ways we stay accountable including: 

  • Taking responsibility for using resources efficiently and achieving measurable results
  • Focusing on delivering the best possible outcomes for children at the lowest possible cost
  • All our activities are conducted legally, ethically and following high standards of integrity
  • Board members, employees and volunteers are required to signify acceptance of, and compliance with, the organisation’s Child Protection Policy and Code of Conduct
  • We produce evaluation reports to assess our program outcomes and ensure continual learning on the effectiveness of our interventions
  • We have policies in place that address occupational health and safety, privacy, equal opportunity & employee grievances
  • We are regulated through the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC) 
  • We comply with the Code of Conduct of the Australian Council of International Development (ACFID)

Because we are driven to make every donation count, this makes us one of the best charities to support.

Support One Of Best Charities To Donate To in Australia

Making a monthly donation to one of the best charities to support helps us to make sure no child, alone, at home or overseas, fears for their life. You can also make a single donation, leave a gift in your will or find out some of the other ways you can give

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