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Best charity to sponsor a child

Make a greater impact than the best charity to sponsor a child with monthly donations to communities in need.

Before considering which is the best charity to sponsor a child, consider the greater impact on communities in need and the value of regular donations to aid and development programs

Save the Children Australia are part of a global network of 30 children’s charities that help families around the world. In 2018 Save the Children directly reached more than 40 million children in 116 countries. This is why you should consider making a difference to the lives of larger communities, instead of searching for the best children’s sponsorship charity.

Don’t Sponsor a Child, Support a Community Instead

Unlike other children’s charities, Save the Children Australia does not have specific programs where you can sponsor individual children. Instead, our evidence based programs provide access to healthcare and education, protect children from neglect and abuse and assist children in times of emergency and war.

A regular monthly donation to Save the Children Australia ensures we can positively impact children and their families in need now and in the future. Discover the impact your potential donation amount could make, such as $50 feeding 4 undernourished children for a week!

Donate to More Than One Child

Once considered the best company to sponsor a child, Save the Children Australia are phasing out this initiative to create a positive, lasting impact on communities in need. 

  • With a $20 donation per month, you can feed a malnourished child for 2 weeks with nutritious peanut paste. 
  • For $30 a month, you can look after a malnourished child’s medical fees. 
  • While a $60 donation each month can provide 3 months of safe protection for a child to recover from trauma.

Find out more about how you can start to change children’s lives today.

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