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Best international charity

Regarded as one of the best international charity organisations, Save the Children run programs throughout the world. Make a once-off or regulation donation today.

Learn about the best international charity

Before you donate to a charity it’s wise to look at their track record, efficiencies and effectiveness in delivering their services. Save the Children Australia is part of a global organisation that has a worldwide reputation as one of the best international charities. Whether you give regularly or make one-off payments, every donation makes a world of difference to children in need. Like you, our supporters are caring and recognise that their donation produces meaningful change for children and their families.

Read about our charity programs

Recognised globally as an outstanding international charity organisation our work in Australia and throughout the world includes emergency response programs and programs that give children a bright future. As one the best international charities we are passionately committed and work tirelessly to give all children the best chance for a positive future. From responding to natural disasters and providing lifesaving nutrition and health care, we specialise in delivering evidence-based programs that reach children in need.

Stay up to date on how Save the Children is creating a world where every child has a safe and happy childhood