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The best op shops in Brisbane

Having the best op shops in Brisbane, you’re sure to find a great deal on clothing, furniture, books and more! 

Save the Children have op shops in Brisbane that are run by our friendly and helpful volunteers who are dedicated to raising much needed funds for our emergency response and aid programs. 

When you buy vintage clothing or recycled fashion pieces in our op shops in Qld, you’ll be helping to create better lives for children in need. Our op shops in Brisbane are always looking for more donations of items to sell. From bric-a-brac and furniture to books, clothing and homewares; Whether you’re downsizing or just decluttering, contact our op shops in Brisbane.

Buy from Our Online Book Shop

Our online bookstore has over 5,000 quality second-hand books to choose from. For purchases over $30, we offer free delivery. All our books sold online help us to fund our programs to save children’s lives and to protect their rights.

Where are the Best Op Shops in Brisbane?

One of the best things about our op shops in South Brisbane is how easy it is to score a bargain! Running Brisbane’s best op shops, shopping at Save the Children’s op shops may uncover high quality items at significantly reduced prices. 

With new quality stock being donated every day, shopping at our op shops is a great way to get great items without the excessive price tags.

Our Op Shops Help to Save Money and Save Lives

Shopping in op shops is a great way to reconnect with your community while helping raise much needed funds for our programs. The volunteers in our op shops work tirelessly sorting through new donations of items and restocking shelves. Many of our volunteers have been with us for years. 

Find out how to volunteer by enquiring at your local store

South Brisbane Op Shops

North Brisbane Op Shops

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