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Child sponsorship program

Discover what to consider before donating to a child sponsorship program. Make a positive difference with regular donations to our effective programs.

Instead of sponsoring a child and making a difference to one life, considering joining the growing number of Australians who are becoming monthly givers and supporting our programs that assist countless children, families & communities around the world. These programs involve addressing issues of health, education and protection of children from harm. Help us build positive futures for the world’s children.

Learn about the best child sponsorship programs

Finding the best child sponsorship programs that support children from birth into adulthood can be difficult. Before you donate to a child sponsorship program, we suggest you take time to find out how your donation will be used.
Save the Children no longer operate child sponsorship programs. However, we make every donation count and take responsibility for using all resources efficiently. By achieving measurable results, we remain accountable to children and their communities, our donors and all other stakeholders. 

Before donating to a sponsor a child charity

Prior to donating to any sponsor a child charity, consider the programs they implement to make a difference in the wider community. Save the Children have teams of experts that build the skills of children, parents and community leaders. This creates long lasting change for future generations.

Our programs for children focus on four core areas:

  1. Early childhood care and development programs provides children with opportunities to develop, learn and grow.
  2. Education programs: give school-aged children access to quality education.
  3. Health and nutrition programs: addresses health and nutrition issues that can keep children from attending school and that may impair their ability to learn.
  4. Adolescent development programs provide teenagers with life skills and training so they can contribute positively to their community.

Help multiple disadvantaged children

Make a difference to the lives of multiple children by becoming a monthly giver. Here are a few examples of how your monthly donation can assist:
  • $10 can treat 5 children with antibiotics for pneumonia
  • $20 could feed a malnourished child a nutritious peanut paste for 2 weeks
  • $30 can provide a safe space for a child to recover from trauma for 5 weeks 
  • $40 could provide 2,400 people with clean drinking water

Take action and make a donation today. 

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