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Donating Clothes to Charity

Learn how donating clothes to charity can support our aid programs in Australia and internationally.

It doesn’t matter if you’re downsizing, decluttering or just doing a spring clean. Chances are you’ll want to know how to donate clothes to charity. Before you give clothes to a charity like Save the Children, it’s important to consider the following:

  • Don’t donate clothes you wouldn’t want to wear yourself
  • If the good quality items have zips or buttons missing, fix them before donating clothes to a charity
  • Your local charity store isn’t a dumping ground for soiled, torn or unsuitable clothes that cannot be sold or given away.

Why Donating Clothes To Charity Is Good

By donating your unwanted, high quality clothes to a charity like Save the Children, you get peace of mind that your clothes can be given a second life. With charity shops located throughout Australia, your pre-loved donated clothes can be sold with the proceeds going towards our aid and emergency response programs in Australia and overseas. Donating clothes to our charity also avoids them going to landfill.

How To Donate Clothes for Charity Near Me

If you’re unsure whether your pre-loved, high quality clothes are suitable for our charity shops, you can bring them into our stores during opening hours. Our dedicated and helpful volunteers can assess whether they are suitable. Explore how to donate clothes to charity near me

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