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Donating Goods to Charity

See what you should consider before donating goods to charity, and how you can help our international aid programs.

Donating goods to a charity is a win/win situation. Not only does your home feel less cluttered, but when you donate items to charity any proceeds go directly towards supporting their work. By donating goods to a charity like Save the Children, you’ll be helping us fund our much needed emergency response and aid programs in Australia and overseas.

What to Consider Before Donating Goods To Charity

Before you donate any items to a charity, it’s important to ask the following questions:

  • Are the clothes stained, ripped or torn? If so, we won’t be able to sell them.
  • Do the clothes have missing zips or buttons? If they do, before you donate them, a quick repair job will mean they can be easily sold.
  • Are the books you’re donating of high quality? If not, we’re unable to sell them through our online bookstore.
  • Is the furniture or bric-a-brac you’re donating to our charity in good working order? If not, we’ll have to incur the cost of sending it to landfill.

A simple rule of thumb when donating to a charity is that we’re not a dumping ground for soiled, torn or unsuitable clothes, furniture or books. 

Donating Goods To Charity For a Tax Deduction?

If you’re planning on making donations to a charity, note that only cash donations of more than $2 (AUD) may be claimed as a tax deduction on your tax return every year - donating goods cannot be claimed. Before you make a donation to a charity, it’s important to check the organisation is a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR). As with all tax issues, it’s vital to check with your accountant and tax advisor. 

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