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Family Violence Charity with Support Services 

Help us provide support services, including housing, to those affected by family violence. Become a regular giver or make a once-off donation today.

In Australia, family violence statistics are extremely high. Research suggests that up to a third of parents experience some form of family and domestic violence. By donating to a family violence charity, you can help make a positive difference to women and children affected by family violence. Below, find out how we support victims of family violence, why family violence accommodation is so important and how you can donate today.
Save The Children has been helping vulnerable children for over 100 years and is the world’s leading independent organisation for children. We work in 117 countries and with our global reach, we provide support to millions of children and their families, providing protection from harm and the essentials they need to not only survive but thrive. Here is how we help protect and support women and children experiencing family violence

Support For Children Affected By Family Violence

We know that the environment and experiences children are exposed to impacts their development, emotionally and cognitively and these impacts carry through to their adult years. Through programs like our Children’s Wellbeing Initiative, we provide support for children, especially those dealing with the impact of family violence to ensure their wellbeing and healthy development. 

Family Violence Housing

When women are fleeing family violence with their children, knowing they have a safe place to go is crucial. Our Domestic and Family Violence Refuges based in Queensland provide safe family violence housing where we are then able to provide the following support: 

  • Counselling services
  • Help to establish new homes
  • Assistance with finding work 
  • Helping children to settle back in school

Our family violence accommodation provides a safe space where women can plan their next steps and start rebuilding a life away from family violence for them and their children. 

Donate Today To Support Those Experiencing Family Violence

To help us provide support through our programs and family violence housing for women and children experiencing family violence, donate today. 

You can make a once-off donation or become a monthly giver to help those who are most vulnerable in our communities. 

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