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Op Shops Toowoomba

Compare us against other op shops in Toowoomba and you’ll find our stock has numerous treasures while also supporting our aid programs. Visit us & start shopping.

Save the Children op shops in Toowoomba are run by our helpful and friendly volunteers who are devoted to raising much needed funds for our emergency response and aid programs. With new stock being donated daily, our op shop in Toowoomba is a treasure trove of delights; From vintage and contemporary clothes to shoes and books, vinyl records and designer knick knacks. 

As one of the best op shops in Toowoomba, you not only save money shopping with us, you get peace of mind that your money is helping children in Australia and around the world.

The Best Charity Shops Toowoomba

Spending time scouring thrift shops in Toowoomba to uncover bargains is a perfect antidote to saying no to fast fashion and the relentless tide of consumerism. When you shop with us, you also get peace of mind that the pre-loved items you buy can reduce your environmental footprint. 

How Our Op Shop In Toowoomba Helps Communities

Shopping in our op shops not only saves you money, it reconnects you to your community who are helping to raise much needed funds for our programs. From sorting through new donations to restocking shelves and helping customers choose the perfect item. Many of our volunteers have been donating their time to us for years. 

Find out how to volunteer by enquiring at your local store.

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